NEW - Add Custom Field Action Buttons - a Free Feature

Did you know that you can add Custom Field Action Buttons to your CRM account to help you search contacts, view a report of activity and also click straight into the calendar to make a booking or view availability while still inside a contact's record. 

These custom field action buttons enable you to do the following: 

Activity Report - click this button to view an overall summary of history activity shown as a bar chart by month and activity type. 

Search History - click this button to be able to search a word or a sentence amongst all your contacts or 'just the contact record you are in' which will find any matching History. 

View Calendar - (this can be changed such as 'Book Appointment') - this button takes you directly into a pop up screen of your Calendar - this is great for checking availability/making an appointment while working inside a contact's record.

BULK Tag C/Fields - search custom fields and then apply a bulk tag to contact matching your search criteria.  Please click here to find out more about how this feature works. 

SPAM button - this filters any unwanted emails that get forwarded into your icomplete account. It allows you to choose which emails to mark as spam by clicking on the spam button inside a contact record.  Once the spam button has been clicked the contact record will be deleted and no further email from this contact will be sent into 

Please contact us if you would like these features added to your account for free. 

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