Please click here to view a short video on how to reset your password if you have forgotten this and also how to rename your password to one that is more memorable for future use. 

Alternatively please see a step by step guide below: 

TO RESET your password:


1. Go to the login page and click on the 'Forgotten Password' link as shown below:

2. Next enter your username (This is normally your first name and NOT your email address) and click 'Email my Password' to receive a new password by email.

The password that is auto generated and will be emailed straight to you.  


To RENAME your password:

1. Go into your CRM account and click on the Settings option along the top menu

2. There is a Passwords tab in settings click on this and you can rename your password here to a more memorable one as shown below:


3. When you have finished please click on Update Settings to save.

4. Logout and then log back in using your new password.