1. To clear the cache in Google Chrome please select the Ctrl key plus the Shift (this is shown above the Ctrl key as an upwards arrow) and Delete Keys at the same time. This brings up the following window:

2. Please make sure you only select the Empty Cache box as if you empty history and cookies you may loose saved passwords etc.

3. If you need to delete Cookies as well then select this. 

DO NOT clear saved passwords otherwise this will clear all passwords and other items you have saved on your PC.

Another way to get to this option is by:

1. Click on the Menu option in Google Chrome - you will see the icon below in the top right-hand corner of your Chrome browser

2. Select 'More Tools'

3. Here you will see Clear Browsing Data option - click this.

4. Select clear cached images and files and cookies and other site plug-in data as shown below: 

5. Select from 'the beginning of time' as shown below:

6. Click 'Clear Browsing Data' 

7. Wait for this to run - when completed it will take you to the Settings page - exit out of this. 

8. Log into your CRM account.