1. Click on the Phone icon along the main menu bar inside your CRM account.

2. Next click on the 2nd icon on the left hand side that looks like a phone ringing.

3. This will show you details of your phone line(s) – click on the Configure button that relates to the phone line you want activate call recording on

4. This will pop up a screen.

5. Go down to the section displayed as Call recording and then select Always from the drop down menu button for incoming and outgoing calls. 

Please note: you can set call recording for both inbound and outbound calls or for just one way - for example for outbound calls only. 

6. You can also set the call recording for On Demand.  Just select the 'On Demand' option and this allows you to activate or deactivate the call recording via your phones keypad (while on a call) as detailed below: 

  • To activate the call recording by press *1 on your phones keypad. 
  • To deactivate call recording press *1 again which will stop the recording. 

7. To switch call recording off please select 'Off' from the dropdown options. 

8. Click on Update to save your selection. 

9. If you have set up call recording or activated call recording using the 'On Demand' function you will be able to play back the call recording via the Call Records page as shown below: 

10. Just click on the Call Recording icon as shown below to play back the call recording. 

11. This will open up a window where you can play back the recording as shown below by pressing the play button: