1. Access the Phone icon along the menu bar of your CRM account you can view your VoIP phone line settings as shown below:

2. You will see your VoIP lines listed as shown:

3. If you see a green tick icon as shown below this indicates that your phone is online - meaning that the VoIP handset or softphone has been registered for that line.

4. If you have diverted your VoIP line to another number such as a landline or mobile number you will also see this shown as online with a green tick.

5. If you see a red X as shown above in the screenshot this could mean that your router is not providing your phone with an internet connection so you may need to re-boot your router. 

6. This could also mean that no handset or software has been registered to the line.  Please click here to see how to register your VoIP line to your phone handset. 

If having registered your VoIP line to a phone the line is still shown as off line please provide us with your Public IP address so that we can check this has not been blocked.

Please note: that you must be connected to the router that runs your VoIP service - if on a PC/Mac you type into a web search engine 'What is my IP address' this will display your public IP address please contact our Support Helpdesk with this.

Please make sure you have also used the correct number for the Password Authentication on your VoIP line - please click here for guidance. 

If you use the incorrect password to set up your VoIP line then the line will attempt to re-register and will fail.  After so many unsuccessful attempts to register the IP address that the phone is run on will become blocked - meaning that the phone will be 'offline'. 

You will need to contact our Support Helpdesk to provide us with your IP address so that we can unblock this for you and ensure that you have used the correct password for your VoIP line to set the line up.