Please follow the step by step guide below to show you how you can listen to call recordings inside your CRM account: 

1. Click on the Phone icon along the menu bar:

2. This takes you to the Call Records page as shown below:

3. You can play back call recordings by clicking on the Call Recording icon as shown below against your call records.

4. By clicking on the above Call Recording icon you will see a pop up of the call recording displayed - here you can click on the Play button as shown in red to play the call:

5. You can also download the audio file by clicking on the Download audio file option as shown below in red:

6. This then downloads the call recording as a .wav file where you can play back and listen to the call.

You can also play call recordings from directly within a contacts record by going to the History section and where you see a Phone History you can play the call recording which you will see stored inside the Phone history as shown below in red:

By clicking on the .wav file which you see at the bottom of the history window, a pop up screen will appear.  Click on OK to play the call recording.