How to Send an SMS message to a Contact? 

If you send an SMS message to a single contact inside your CRM account, not only does it show in real-time on the Dashboard but it stores the SMS inside the contacts record.  

Please be aware there is a charge to send an SMS message which gives you up to 160 characters - please contact our support desk for pricing. 

Watch Short Video:   Please click here to watch a short video on how to send out an SMS message to a contact via your keyboard. 

Alternatively you can follow up guide below:

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Go into ‘Settings’ in your CRM account, located along the top menu bar:

2. Next select ‘Global Settings

3. Click on ’SMS origination’ field and enter either your mobile number or Company name


Please be aware there is a limit of 11 characters to display in the text message so you may have to shorten the company name to fit into the box.  

If you choose a phone number then the person can text back to you but if it has just the company name they will not be able to reply.

Also note: a space counts as a character.

4. Click on Update Settings to save.

5. Now you are ready to send your text message. 

6. Go to the contact in your CRM account that you wish to send the SMS text message to.

7. Click on the business card - on their mobile number  as shown above.

If you have not put the mobile number in the contact record – then go into edit contact and enter it under the work tab this will then show on the business card, press the to add the mobile number - see screenshot example below:

Please note: the mobile number must be recorded as mobile - as shown above for the SMS message to be delivered successfully. 

8. When you click on the mobile number on the business card (point 7) a pop up box will appear with the option Call or SMS.

9. Click on tick button Send SMS and a text box will appear as shown below:

10. Enter your message into the text box.  Notice the counter underneath the text box – this counts the number of characters you are entering. Here you are limited to 160 characters per SMS.

If you go over this then it goes to 2 SMS and you will be charged for another message and if the message is much longer the counter will keep adding it up and tell you how much SMS credit you are using. 

11. Once you are happy with your text message, click the Send button and this will automatically SEND out.

12. Once you have sent the SMS message it will appear in real-time on the dashboard – great if you want to alert and share with the rest of the team. You can see it states that it has been Delivered. (Please note if it says Queued then it is waiting to send).

13. If you click on the SMS on the dashboard or go into the contact you just sent the SMS to you will see a copy of this message inside the history of that contact – see example screenshot below:

SMS status reports:

‘RECEIVED’ means that the gateway has received the message

‘SENT’ will mean that the message has been sent

‘DELIVERED’ when we have received acknowledgement back from the handset that it has been delivered

If you have any questions about SMS please contact our Support Helpdesk.