Automatically forward all emails you receive into your CRM account

As part of the email drop box which is set up for every CRM account you have the opportunity to feed in all email directly into your CRM system. 

How to set this up:

1. Set this up at your email server end via your email provider (this may be the provider that hosts your website) and not your email client such as Outlook. 

By setting up a forward from your email provider to your CRM dropbox address.(i.e., this would automatically ensure that the emails received to your domain address would be automatically forwarded into your CRM account - linked to contacts.

2. Alternatively, login to your email client and forward all emails to your dropbox address.  

How to find out your CRM dropbox address

To find out what your email dropbox address is you can either click on a contacts email address - when it loads up your email client you will see in the BCC: field populated as shown in the example below: 

Your email dropbox address as shown above in red will be displayed please just remove the code from the start of this address as this code relates to the contacts record. 

Alternatively please contact us our Support Helpdesk so that we can assist you. 

There are 3 forwarding options available:

1. Set up all email to go directly into CRM account (this will include personal and spam email) via the email drop box address, creating a new contact record with the persons name, company name and email address.

Please note that any emails from 'known' contacts will automatically be added to the contacts record - where the email will be stored inside the History section. 

2. Set up email to go directly into your CRM account as above BUT with a SPAM button - which provides you with the ability to mark an email as spam so that emails from those contacts are not processed by the CRM system again and therefore not added as a contact inside your CRM account.    

Once the contact has been marked as 'Spam' the contact record is automatically deleted. 

3. Add a filter to your profile settings - so that your CRM account only processes emails from 'known' contacts - by finding a match with an email address inside your contacts database.  

This means you do not need to mark contacts as 'SPAM' as any spam emails will not be forwarded into your CRM system.  We will only forward in emails from known contacts - to read more about this option please click here

Please note - if you opt for option 3 above - whereby only emails from 'known contacts' are sent into your CRM account then please be aware that you will not be able to create a new contact record via emailing the new person and using your CRM dropbox address in the BCC: field - which would (if the known contacts filter has not been applied) add the contact to your database with their email address recorded along with the email you have sent them stored inside the history of their record. 

To find out more about how to set this up please contact our Support Helpdesk.