About Grid View:

The default view of contacts is Grid View which will display your contacts as shown below:

In Grid View you will see your contacts with an image against each of them, their contact name and/or company name will be displayed.

You will also see that against each contact you will have a coloured box with a number - this is a contacts status box.

In the example shown above you will see the number '729' in a red box - this reflects the number of days you last had contact with that person or company.

The boxes are colour coded as shown below:

Green shows contact from 1-30 days


Amber from 31-90 days


Red from 90+ days.


This is a great way to see any contacts that you have not touched base with for a while. 

Any contacts without a colour coded box showing will mean that the contact record has been active that day, i.e. today.

About List View:

List view enables you to do bulk actions such as:


  • Delete contacts 
  • Edit Tags
  • Export a Tag(s) groups
  • Print Contacts

List view will display the persons name and along side that the company name as shown below:

In List view you will also see a star rating if a star rating has been applied to your contacts - as shown above.

A yellow highlight bar is shown over each contact that you roll your mouse over.

A phone number or mobile number will also be displayed along with an email address if one has been entered against a contact.

If there is no persons name recorded then it will display the company name twice - as shown in the screenshot below:

You can view your contacts in List view by Organisations and not person view by selecting the different views as shown below:

How to Change the Default View of Contacts 

You can change the default view of contacts from Grid to List View by doing the following:

1. Go to the Settings icon as shown below:

2. Under the My Settings tab you will see the Default Contact View field as shown below:

3. Here you can use the drop down menu to change your Contacts default view from Grid View to List View for example.

4. When you have made your selection click on Update Settings to activate.