You need to login to the Base Station settings to set up the hold/un-hold function on your phone.

Please find some instructions below to do this:

1. Find the IP Address of the Base Station by pressing the blue button on the front of the base for at least 3 seconds.  This will page the IP address to your phone. 

2. Please click this link to watch a short video if you need help with the above -

3. Type the Base station IP address into a web browser to access your Base Station web settings

4. At the login page enter 4 Zeros to login in ‘0000’

5. Then go to Settings > Telephony > Advanced VoIP settings.

6. There is a setting called "Use the R key to initiate call transfer" - this needs to be set to on.

7. Once you have made the above changes please click on ‘Logoff’ to exit the web settings. 

You should now find that the function of pressing the 0 key (for at least a few seconds) while on a call will put the caller on hold.

The top left function key under the display should say ‘End’ above it on the screen. Press this key to take the call off hold and resume the conversation.