1.VoIP line extention/mailbox number is located inside the Phone Line Configuration settings. 

Please read below to follow the instructions:

1. Click on the Phone icon along the menu bar inside your CRM account:

2. Click on the Line Summary icon as shown below:

3. Here you will see your VoIP line(s) listed.   

4. For each VoIP line you have an Extention number and Password.  

5. Click on the Configure button beside the relevant VoIP line as shown below:

6. This will open up a configuration window as shown below.

7.Your VoIP Extension number is shown - highlighted in red above. 

8. Your VoIP Password is also shown - highlighted above in red.  

Please note: that the password must be a digit number so this may be the Secret number in the above field if your password has less digits. 

Please make a note of these are these are needed to access your mailbox to listen to voicemail messages and if using a soft phone to set up your VoIP line. 

When I try to dial into my voicemail I get a message saying login incorrect why?

Please make sure that you enter both your Mailbox number and Password quickly on your phones keypad.  Follow instructions above to check mailbox number and password,