To run CRM and VoIP together you need:

1. A phone line with broadband connected.

2. Be sure the broadband is of good quality i.e. fibre optic if possible and supports VoIP - if you are not sure check with the broadband provider such as BT or click here to run a test to see the quality of the current broadband at the new location.

3. A router if you are running your VoIP from an independent office (i.e. not a shared office environment) 

4. VoIP handsets - these can be purchased from us please our Support Desk for details. 

5. If using Gigaset Desk phones (be sure to have enough Ethernet ports to accommodate all the Desk phones) You may need to purchase an Ethernet hub box (switch) which you will connect your Desk phones to via an Ethernet cable - this hub box will then be connected to your router please click here to find out more. 

6. An N300 or 510 Gigaset Base Station to connect to a router if using the portable Gigaset Dect phones.

Setting up in an office without broadband or phone lines connected:

1. Order the broadband and phone line(s) as soon as possible as it may take a week or so to get connected.

2. Ensure you have good quality broadband in your area where your office is located.

3. To check which internet providers there are in the post code area of your office premises click here to search.

Setting in a Serviced office Set up ie. leasing an office with other companies in  i.e. Regus etc:

1. They may provide you with a phone line connection and broadband which they will charge you for.

2. Who is the broadband provider and what type of network set up do they have? 

3. How many people are using the broadband?  This may impact on band-width if there are lots of users.

4. How many other VoIP users?  Again this may impact on call quality if there are lots of users.

5. Can you bring in your own broadband line and phone line?

6. Please run a speed test to establish the quality and speed of the current broadband connection.

7. Please check the make and model of router used in the serviced office.

8. Please find out if the network is on a fixed IP or a dynamic IP address.

9. If you have an existing VoIP phone line with VoIP phone equipment please test this in the office that you want to use your VoIP service in to check that it works prior to moving and test the line by making both an outgoing call and receive an incoming call and let us know the results of this test. 

Please email to our Support Desk so that we can advise further.