Please note that only Key Account Holders and Admin Users will have access to set up custom fields, please find below instructions on how to set up a custom field as a date option:

1. Go to the Settings icon:

2. Click on the Global Settings tab:

3. Half way down the page you will see Custom Fields as shown in red:

4. This is where you add your custom fields, the 1st field is where you enter the custom field heading - as shown in the example below 'Courtesy call set':

5. Next select the 2nd field which you will see has a drop down arrow - this allows you to choose the format of your custom field so if you are setting up a date format choose from the list Date:

6. The 3rd field also has a drop down arrow - this allows you to choose who the custom field you have set up is to be associated with for instance either 'All contacts' or only certain tag groups - as shown below 'customer':

7. Please click on Update Settings to save your choices as shown below:

8. Please be careful not to click the red icon as shown below as this will delete your custom field:

9. If you wish to change the order of any of your custom fields you can move them up or down using the up/down arrows as shown below:

10. When your custom field date is set up this is how it will be displayed inside a contact record where you can add a date as shown below:

Did you know?  Date custom fields can be setup to automate an email/SMS or task reminder - if you would like to find out more about this service please click here

IMPORTANT: Once a custom field has been set up as a Date format please do not change this format as once set up and applied to your contacts if you change the format this will affect your existing data. 

You must instead create a new custom field with the new format that you want to use and contact our Support Helpdesk if you want us to transfer data from the old format over to the new custom field format.