1. Firstly you need to find the IP address of your phone by clicking here for the instructions

2. When you have found the IP address of your phone enter this into the address bar of a web browser to take you into the Gigaset web interface page.   

If you have any trouble getting the Gigaset web page to load try missing out the last 0 from your IP address. 

3. At the login page please enter your password as 'admin' and click OK if you need help with this click here.

4. Go to Settings tab as shown below:  In the IP Address Type field please make sure you are on a Dynamic IP connection - unless you have advised us otherwise if on a Static IP connection as we will need to set up your phone differently from a Dynamic connection.

5. Select Network and Connections - LAN Settings as shown below: 

6. Next go to the Telephony option as shown below:

7. Click on Connections as shown below: 

8. Click Edit next to an unregistered line (IP1) or IP2 if you are registering an additional 2nd line onto your phone.  

9. This takes you into the Connections page as shown below: 

10. In the Connection Name or Number field enter your full VoIP line number as shown below:

11. In the Authentication Name field enter your VoIP line extension number - to find your extension line click here.

12. In the Authentication Password field enter your VoIP Secret number - this is a 5 digit number - to find your secret password please see the screenshot below: 

13. In the Username field enter your VoIP extension line number

14. Enter a name of the line in the Display Name field this could be a company name or person name.

15. Click on Advanced Settings where you will see the page below displayed:

16. In the Domain field please enter sip.crmdomain.com 

17. In the Proxy Server Address enter sip.crmdomain.com 

18. Proxy Server Port enter either 5065 or 5060

19. For the Registration Server  Port enter sip.icrmdomain.com

20. Registration Refresh Time - change to 60 as shown below: 

21. In the Outbound Server Address enter sip.crmdomain.com as shown below: 

22. Outbound Proxy Port enter 5065 or 5060.

23. Click Save at the bottom of the page

24.  If you go to the Telephony - Connections screen after a few seconds you should see it says ‘Registered’ against line 1 as shown below: 

25. Click Log Out to exit the web interface 

Please note if you want to start dialling out from a new VoIP line number then you will need to change your Click2Call settings - to put your new VoIP line extension number into the Click2Call field - please click here to see how. 

If you need to enable a STUN server please click here to see how to do this.