Where to add Tag Groups on the Data Import Template? 

When importing contacts into your CRM account you must use one of our data import templates as shown below:

Choose your Template: 

Business2Business Contacts Data Import Template: Business2Business Data Import Template

Business2Consumer Contacts Data Import Template: Business2Consumer Data Import Template

Both Business2Business and Business2Consumer Data Import Template: Both Business2Business and Business2Consumer Data Import Template

Add your Tags to the Excel Spreadsheet: 

Each template has a column heading called 'Categories' this is where you must enter your tag(s) for each of the contacts you wish to import. 

Enter each tag name separated by a comma and NO SPACE – i.e. customer,south-west,new-lead etc.  

Please see the example below which shows 2 tags that have been added to each of the contacts these are 'helen' and 'spring': 

The tags must be separated by a comma (,) and no space as shown above. 

These are then automatically imported as tags within your account and are used to segment your contacts into different categories.

Alternatively set up tags when you import contacts into CRM - please see below:

When you import data into account you can either set your tags up in the Categories column heading on the Excel import template or you can tag your contacts as you import by doing the following:

When you have selected the Import button in your account you will see that you have the option to Set permissions/tags as shown below:

If you click on this Set permissions/tags option you will see that you can type in the tag names separated by a comma and then import your contacts.

If you then carry on with the import your contacts will be imported with the tag(s) you have typed.

Please contact our Support Helpdesk if you have any questions.