Set Up an On Screen Pop Up Reminder 

1. When you create a calendar event or if you click on 'Edit' to view details of an event,  you will see you can select from the reminder drop down option (the default is set to E-mail) and you can select 'Pop-Up' as a reminder, as shown below:

2. Next you can choose the time to see this on screen reminder - the default setting is 1 hour if you click on the drop down option you can choose any time between 5 minutes and up to 13 weeks to have the event pop up on screen as a reminder:

3. Click on Save. 

4. Then on screen pop up reminder will be displayed inside your CRM account at the time you have selected the reminder, as shown below:

5. You can either 'Dismiss' the pop up reminder or you can 'Snooze' the reminder to pop up again in 5 minutes (default time) or choose from the drop down option another time - as shown below:

Please note: for the on screen pop up reminder to be displayed on your screen you must be the 'owner' of the calendar that you have set the pop up reminder for. 

If you create an appointment for a colleague and set up the pop up reminder to remind them it will only show up on their screen if they are the owner of that calendar.