Emails from contacts may not be shown inside your CRM account for the following reasons: 

1. If you have a SPAM filter button set up.  

This could be because a contact record that was created when an email was sent into your CRM dropbox was mistakenly marked as 'Spam' using the spam button (if set up) below: 

As a result all further emails from this contact will be blocked by the spam filter and therefore not sent into your CRM account.  

Please contact our Support Helpdesk with the details so that we can check your Deleted contacts file - if found to be inside your Deleted contacts we can restore the record and then all future emails from the contact will be recorded inside your CRM account - landing both on the Dashboard and stored inside the contacts record - within the History section. 

2. Another reason for this could be if the contact has emailed you from a different email address - one which is not recorded inside your CRM account and hence if you have a setting on your account whereby only emails from 'known' contacts are sent into your CRM system then an email address which is not recognised will not be sent into the system. 

In the above case you can add the email address the person has used against their contact record, so that in future any emails from the person will be logged inside the CRM system - against their contact record inside the History section. 

You can also forward previous emails from the contact into their record by manually forwarding them into the system - please click here to see more about how to do this.