Basic Source Report

Tracking number of brochures sent, leads, quotes and sales generated.  

We can set up Filters for you:

1. Filter Date Time line, i.e. day, week, month or year ( see example below with drop down option).

2. Filter on the columns in this case a useful filter would be on the Source so you could see all the source leads as one list or refine the report by filtering on just one source i.e so you could track how many leads came in from the website rather than an overview of all the leads and all the sources they can from collectively.

There are various ways to access the source report:

1. We can set the report to display in real-time on-screen.

2. Automatically email out a copy of the pipeline report i.e. weekly, monthly in pdf, csv or excel format.

3. Option buttons to pull off as pdf, csv or excel format inside the CRM system or print to PDF.

Please Note: We can quote for excel format too if required.

To find out more please contact our Support Helpdesk.