What is a Ring Group ring option: 

A ring group is a good way for a business to share the distribution of incoming calls among the team. 

It is often used to distribute calls within specific departments such as Sales, Support and Accounts teams. 

A ring group calls everyone in the group/team so that when a call comes in everyone in that groups phone will ring until someone picks up the call. 

If you would like this set up for your VoIP line(s) please contact our Support Desk.

What is a Hunt Group ring option:

A Hunt Group is a number of extension lines that are set up to take incoming calls for a phone line(s). 

The hunt group will ring the member extensions of that group in turn for instance: we can set up a sequential ring - rings the first phone in the hunt group list. If that phone is busy, the system continues down the hunt group priority list until a non-busy phone accepts the call.

If all lines are busy then the call will go to voicemail.

Please see an example below of a Hunt Group set up:

1. Calls received on the main line number 0333 376899 should ring in the following hunt group order:

2. First ring extension 388986 – if no answer after 5 rings then jump to extension 388987 – if no answer after 3 rings the line then jumps to extension 388988 where it rings for 5 rings.  

3. If no answer after this time the call then goes to the voicemail message on the main line number.

If you are interested in this set up please let us know the phone line(s) you would like this set up for and the extension lines to be included in the hunt group with order of priority and the number of seconds before a call should jump over to the next phone if unanswered. 

Please contact us our Support Desk with the details above.