IVR (Auto Receptionist) Call Routing:

Please click here to view a short video about how we can set up call routing on your VoIP line(s).

What is call routing/IVR?

This is where you can get a caller to press a number for a particular department or individual – see details below:

If you wish your calls to be answered professionally and routed to the correct person, department or location then Auto receptionist (IVR) is the answer.   Please click here to hear a sample recording. 

It costs from £30 + VAT to set up which includes a greeting recording and then just £15 + VAT per month (with a VoIP line) or £10 + VAT per month with an existing VoIP phone line). 

We will work with you on a customised, personal greeting/script for your reception, extension lines, out of hours message, latest offers, etc.

Please contact our Support Helpdesk with your full brief so that we can provide you with a quote.