Automated SMS Reminders

This is a really popular feature for businesses with in the trades or construction industry to keep on top of recurring jobs i.e. annual maintenance or service renewals.

How does it work?

We work with you to set up what you want to track and what you need to automate into a task, email or SMS reminder to ensure recurring revenue opportunities are not missed.

The screenshot below shows:

An example of a customised SMS text message that can be sent out to a customer to remind them of a training course or a job or materials that are going to be delivered to them etc:

Use the date, text fields and drop down menus to pull in the relevant information into the SMS message sent to your contact:

Cost to set up?

For a simple automated text template that is not customised this is a one off £25 + VAT to set up. 

For customised automated text template where we pull in data field information as shown in the screenshot above this is a one off cost of £75 + VAT to setup.  

If you would like further details please contact our Support Helpdesk.