Port settings on a Gigaset VoIP phone are usually set at 5060 but with some routers the VoIP traffic can cause issues and you may need to change the port to 5065 to get around issues such as firewalls blocking VoIP traffic which can impact on call quality. 


A port my also be blocked so by opening up another port this can resolve issues such as a phone failing to register.

1. Login to the Desk phone web interface settings - click here to see how to do this

2. Go to the Settings tab

3. Click on Telephony 

4. Click on Connections 

5. This will display your VoIP Connections page

6. Click on Edit next to your VoIP line 

7. Click on Advanced Settings where you will see the page below:

8. Change the Proxy Server Port  - change from 5060 to 5065

9. Change the Registration Server Port - change from 5060 to 5065

10. Change the Outbound Proxy Port - change from 5060 to 5065

11. Click Save at the bottom of the page

12. Click Logoff to exit