The Follow Me feature is found inside the Line Summary page as shown below:

The Follow Me will be shown against each of your VoIP lines and enables you to select the : 

  • Initial Ring Time  - select how many rings the line should ring for
  • Ring Strategy - should the line ring all phones as a group ring or ring in a hunt group or the first extension line available
  • Ring Time - set the ring time between phones in seconds
  • CID Prefix - this is the caller identification that we send to the phone(s) so that the line name the person has called can be displayed. 
  • Follow Me List  - you can list the 6 digit VoIP extension lines that that line should ring. 

In the example below it shows the the 'Training4U' line is on a ring strategy of a 'Hunt' group and that the line rings for 8 rings before moving onto the next VoIP extension line. 

The VoIP extension lines to ring are entered in the 'Follow Me List' as shown below: