Data Back Up 

Whilst we automatically back-up data on a daily basis it is popular for clients to want their own physical copy and we can offer you this feature.

Firstly we need to know what data information you want to pull out so that we can quote accordingly.

We have 3 options of back up service: Basic Back up - which is set up as standard in your CRM account, More Detailed and Complete Data Back-up options are customised so we charge to set these up for you - please see below a description of what these are:

1. Basic Data Back-up

This will pull out just the client profile information i.e. their name, address, phone numbers, email address, website address, notes from the notes section. The format it will come to you in with be CSV format and will be emailed to whoever you wish to have copy of the data each month/week/year or whatever time line you want.  This is a standard feature and part of your CRM package by default.

2. More Detailed Data Back-up

This will pull in the client profile information as described above on the basic data back-up you and notes but will also include history items - also require copies of all notes, tasks and history items i.e. email correspondence, phone call log information (if you have a VoIP plan with us).  Please contact us so that we can provide a quote on setting this up for you.

3. Complete Data Back-up

This will include same as item 2 above - more detailed back-up plus attachments, call recordings and html email marketing content from history.  

Please specify which back-up service you are interested in and we will pass this to technical to review your account and then provide a quote for you. 

Please contact our Support Helpdesk for more information.