The reason you see odd characters instead of the correct international characters is because Excel strips out this information when you convert it to csv and import.  This is an Excel issue that we cannot control.  

The only way around it is to export back out all of the data you have just imported and save the exported spreadsheet as a Unicode (text file). 

Click on File Save As and from drop down options select Unicode.

Important note: 

Before re importing the spreadsheet saved now as Unicode format you MUST DELETE previous data by going into the Contacts section.

The quickest way to remove the data you have just imported is to:

1. Go to List view in contacts.  

2. Search search on the tag group/category the data import was imported in with so you can find the imported data.  
3. This will then bring up ALL the new contacts that you have just imported
4. Now click on the box by the Home key to select all of those contacts (Please be sure do the TAG search first otherwise you will end up deleting ALL of your contacts in the database). 

5. Click on Delete button and this will then remove all of those tagged contacts.

To explain the above process further please click here

You are NOW ready to import the Unicode spreadsheet.  Once you do the data will no longer have any odd symbols displayed. 

For assistance please contact our Support Helpdesk.