Set Up a Default Email Address Associated with your CRM User Profile

When you are set up as a CRM user you will automatically be set up with an email address associated to your CRM user profile. 

This email address is used for: 

  • Sending over your login details
  • Sending over a new password if you have forgotten your password
  • Emailing you your task notification/reminder emails
  • Emailing you your calendar event notification/reminder emails

This email address is logged inside your 'master' contact record - which is automatically set up when you are added as a CRM user.  If you search for your name inside your contacts database you will find your 'master' contact record. 

This master record is directly linked to your CRM user profile and MUST NOT be deleted.   

To add in another email address to your contact record just click on the 'Edit' button inside your contact record and add in another email address that you will be using to send email from.  

This way any email sent from a different email address will automatically be linked back to your user profile. 

To set a different email address as the 'default' email address linked to your profile just use the radial button to select that email address as the 'preferred' address from which emails will be sent from and email notifications/alerts etc will be emailed to - as shown below in red: 

Click on Update to save. 

If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact our Support Helpdesk.