1. Please check you are using the correct IP address - and that your PC is on the same network as your VoIP phone line.

2. To find your IP address from your Cisco phone please do the following: 

Cisco SPA502G, Cisco SPA504G, Cisco SPA508G, Cisco SPA509G, Cisco SPA512G, Cisco SPA514G:

a. Press the Setup button as shown below:

b. Scroll to network and press select

c. Scroll to View Current IP. This is the IP address of your phone

Cisco SPA501G: 

a. Press the Setup button

b. Enter 110, then press #

c. The IP address is recited

Cisco SPA300 series: 

To find the IP address on a Cisco SPA 300 series phone please press the Set Up button and then press 9 which will provide you with the IP address of your phone.

3. Enter the IP address into the address bar of a web browser - you will then be taken to the Cisco Configuration Utility page as shown below: 

4. If you are not please check your IP address - try removing the last 'digit' from the address 

5. If see a login window asking you for a user name or password enter this. 

6. If you see an error message '401 unauthorised' and you are unsuccessful with your login then we suggest that you do a factory re-set of the phone. 

7. To do a factory re-set please follow the steps below:

a. Press the Setup button

b. Scroll down to the 'Factory Reset' option and choose 'Select' 

This resets your phone to the factory default settings. ! CAUTION If you choose factory reset, you will return the phone to the original factory settings and will erase all current settings, including the directory and call logs. It is also possible that your phone extension will change.

8. Once the factory reset has been completed find the IP address from your phone

9. Using the IP address you should now be able to login to the web Configuration Utility page of your phone.