How to search custom field date ranges

1. You can search custom fields by date using the Bulk Tag Custom Field search button as shown below: 

If you do not have this button added to your account please contact our Support Desk so that we can set this up for you. 

2. Search your date field custom field as shown below: 

3. Search between a date range criteria as shown below: 

4. Add a tag name into the Tag: field for any contacts that match your search: 

5. Click on the 'Count' button to apply a count to how many contact records match your search criteria. 

6. The number of contacts that match your search criteria will then be shown:

7. Click on 'Add Tag' to then tag those contacts with a unique tag to identify them with. 

8. Your tag will then be added as shown below: 

9. You can now do a tag search inside your contacts page to see the contacts that matched your date search criteria.