Yes, we have the following options available: 

1. Use the Global SMS Setting:

As standard each CRM account has a 'global' setting called 'SMS Origination' which allows you to enter either a mobile number or company name. 


The SMS Origination field is found via the Settings icon along the menu bar inside your CRM account and the inside the 'Global Settings' tab as shown above. 

Please note the SMS Origination field is limited to 11 characters (including spaces).  This gives enough to enter a mobile number that you wish the recipient to view and have the ability to reply to. 

If you want to use a company name so that the recipient of your SMS message can see your company name displayed then you can enter this instead.  However, if your company name is longer than 11 characters then please consider abbreviating or shortening your company name to fit the 11 character requirement. 

By setting up the SMS Origination 'globally' inside the 'Global Settings' this means that by default anyone who sends out an SMS message from your account then whatever has been added to the SMS Origination field will be displayed on the SMS message when sent. 

2. Set up the SMS Origination for each individual CRM User

Alternatively we can set up the SMS origination associated to each CRM users profile.   

This means that each CRM user can set up their own SMS Origination settings, for example user 'Sarah' may want to send out her SMS messages from her own mobile number or use a different company name or a product/service name on her SMS messages.


The example above shows an SMS coming from Sarah who is promoting an offer she is running for her company 'Nova Beauty' this is ideal for promoting special offers - with each individual user being able to create their own SMS messages with their own unique sender information. 

This can be set up for £50 + VAT please contact your support desk if you would like this to be added to your account. 

3. SMS Origination associated to a Department 

We can also set up a drop down option inside the SMS pop up window whereby the user can select from pre set up Department names such as Accounts, Support or Sales which will then send out the SMS message from the Department name that has been selected. 

This gives the user the ability to select from a multiple range of Departments to send the SMS message from. 

The above can be set up for £100 + VAT, please contact our support desk if you would like this option added to your account.