Before we report the headset as faulty, we ask you to:  


1. Check how you are using the headset:

  • Ensure the connector is not loose.
  • Ensure the mouth piece is not positioned too close to your mouth.
  • Ensure nothing is broken on the headset i.e. the fittings to go into socket are undamaged. 
  • Ensure the volume control is not turned to maximum volume.

2. Please try using the phone handset itself without the headset - does this resolve the issue with the call quality that you experienced while using the headset? 

3. Check the internet to ensure adequate quality and speed to support your VoIP line as sometimes it is the line quality that is at fault and not the headset. Click here to carry out a speed test.  Click here to carry out a ping test

When the test has finished please contact our support desk with the results.  Once we have checked the results we will come straight back to you to advise you further.

4. Have you recently changed internet provider? Or moved offices/location and using different broadband?

Please inform us of any changes you have made which may impact on your VoIP call quality and therefore use of your headset. 

If the headset is faulty then please contact our support desk, if the headset is still in warranty we can arrange for a replacement headset to be sent to you.