If you have a problem syncing your icomplete calendar on an Android mobile device where you are getting an error message of 'either Invalid URL or 'Invalid server' please check the following: 

1. What application of the sync client is being used and version number to sync the calendar with as clients can use different applications to sync and we need to check they are compatible with our CalDAV sync platform. 

For instance you can use either the CalDAV sync free beta by Gege:


Or alternatively a paid CalDAV sync app which is regularly updated:


2. What is the Make and Model of mobile and the version of Android using on it?

3. Please check you are using your correct calendar ID number and try using 'https' instead of 'http' at the beginning of the URL. 

4. Please check you are entering your correct username and password. 

5. Please check inside the Settings (if the SyncML fields are empty) please set up the SyncML fields for 'incoming' and 'outgoing' with 'sync' in both fields as shown below: 

If you are still unable to set up your calendar sync with Android please our Support Desk so that we can investigate.