There are a number of ways to pull out data for reporting purposes inside your CRM account which includes:

  • History Activity reporting
  • Contacts Created and Last Updated reporting
  • Dashboard Activity reporting
  • e-Marketing reporting
  • Call reporting

Please read on to find out more about each of the above reports:


History Activity Report


Please note: that Admin Users can Export out Dashboard history activity to view activity by user(s) and activity type such as Phone, Email etc over a period of time. 


Please see information below on how to do this:

1. You can use the Export link to export out Dashboard activity from between 1 month and up to 1 year of activity by users and activity types: 


2. To select the activity types and users you wish to export out click on the Customise link as shown below:

3. Select the Activity types and Users as shown below: 

4. Next click on the Export link on the Dashboard as shown below:

5. Here you can download a .CSV file of Dashboard history activity from between 1 month and 1 year ago.  


6. When you have made your selection please click on the Export button to begin the download as shown below:

7. Your file will be downloaded - open this up from the bottom left-hand corner of your screen to view. 


8. Please see an example below of the Dashboard history export - this will show you: 

  • Username
  • Date and time 
  • FN (First Name of contact)
  • Organisation
  • Type - type of history such as Email, Phone etc
  • Summary

This data can be further sorted in Excel by user name, date or organisation. 


Summary Report

Inside a contacts record in the Custom Field section you will see a button called Summary or Activity Report. This report gives an overview of the History category activity for your contacts and for tag groups on a month by month basis.

Please see the example below that shows a count of all the SMS, Phone, Meeting and Appointment activity which you can filter by tag groups. 

You may have a history category called Sales so it will show you the number of sales over the different months.

This information can be exported out into a CSV file to filter on the number of history categories you want to track. 

Last Created Contact

You can pull out data via the Export button to give you a report on the most recent contacts that have been created and updated inside your account.  Please follow the step by step instructions below:

1. Go to Contacts section inside your CRM account:

 2. Click on the Export button:


3. Leave the default as Windows 1252, only chose the UTF-8 option if you have foreign characters in your data:



4. When you click on export then your data will immediately start to download:



5. It will create a csv file normally located bottom left of the screen


6. Open up the csv file and if you scroll along you will see the new date headings in columns called ICCreated and ICLast Updated.  


You need to widen the 2 columns so that you can see all of the information – if it shows #### this means the column is too narrow to show the information.



7. By widening the columns you will then see the date information relating to each contact. See example below:




8. It displays the date the contact record was created and the time. It shows when the contact was last updated with the time too.


9. This information can then be sorted in excel into months etc so you can see how many new contacts you had in a particular month. 


10. You can also pull out the data via a tag group which will help to narrow down your date search if you wish.

e-Marketing Reporting

Our e-Marketing service has a built in report function to provide you with real-time report activity on each email campaign you have sent out on a contact by contact basis. 


The e-Marketing report tool offers a great way to monitor the results of the email campaign by tracking response rates from Sent, Opened to Clicked. 


Analyse which campaigns are working and which need improvement to increase opened and click-through rates.


Monitor and track each email campaign by looking at:


  • Number of emails sent
  • Number of emails delivered 
  • Opened rates – see how many times your email was opened and at what time
  • Click through rates – see who clicked, what they clicked on and at what time


Track the deliverability of the email campaign by looking at:


  • Blocked emails
  • Failed emails
  • Bounced emails
  • Unsubscribed rates
  • Spam rates


Graphical Results:


  • See a geographical reach to see where your email subscribers are located in the world
  • Email clients – see what the most popular email campaigns clients are opening with.


Real-Time Results:


Each email campaign sent is recorded inside a contacts record, within the History as shown in the example below: 


See which campaigns were sent to them and the response rates i.e. OPENED, SENT and CLICKED. At a glance you can understand what they may or may not be interested in.


Also see the email campaign results on the Dashboard as they happen as shown below: 


To find out more about the e-Marketing reporting please click here.

Call Reporting


Inside the Phone section of your CRM account, as standard you can view and export* out call logs to show both:


incoming calls

outgoing calls


The in-built reporting allows you to track all outcomes such as ‘answered’, ‘not answered’, ‘busy’ and ‘voicemail’ etc which we can track for each VoIP line. 


*Please note that only Key Account Holders and Admin Users can use the export feature. 


Please find some further information below about how to view this information:


1. Click on the Phone icon:   


2. This takes you to the Call Records page as shown below:

3. All incoming and outgoing calls will be shown for each VoIP line by date and time. 

4. You can scroll through the different months using the Previous and Next arrows as shown below in red:

5. Use the search fields to filter records by Date Range: 

6. Or Filter records by incoming or outgoing calls or both as shown below:

7. View call types using the 'All call types' drop down to see: 

8. View all outcomes using the 'All outcomes' drop down as shown below:

9. This information can be exported out by using the Export button as shown below:

10. This gives you a call export period of between 1 month and 1 year: 

11. We also provide Call Statistics if you click on icon as shown below:

12. Here you will see a Call Statistics Summary Page as shown below:

13. This gives you a break down of incoming and outgoing calls and cost since your last invoice. 

14. You can filter between Outbound calls and Inbound calls to track activity over a week by each of your VoIP Lines as shown below you can see Outbound calls: 

15. The key below in different coloured text shows the following: 

  • Dark green text - calls answered (30 + seconds)
  • Light green text - calls answered (11-29 seconds)
  • Orange text - calls answered (1-9 seconds)
  • Red text - no answer

16. The call duration is also shown in hours/minutes/seconds as shown in red for each line:

17. To see Inbound calls just click on the (show inbound) link:

If you would like more detail than the above then we can set up a bespoke call activity report which is based on your exact requirements, please contact our Support Helpdesk to discuss further and for a quotation.