Before you begin please ensure that your Polycom Desk Phone and your PC are on the same network, otherwise you will not be able to connect to the Web Utility. 

To log in to the Web Utility, you will need the IP address of the phone you wish to configure, and your user and/or administrator credentials, depending on how you wish to log in.  

Please Note: Using the Default Passwords - The default Administrator password is: 456. 

The default User password is: 123.

To access your phones IP address please do the following: 

1. Press the Menu button on your phone (as shown below in red)

2. Use the scroll arrows to scroll on the phones keypad to scroll to Status

3. Scroll to Platform

4. Scroll to Phone.

5. The IP address will then be displayed. 

6. Enter the IP address into the address bar of a web browser 

7. After entering the phones IP address, press the Enter key. The Web Configuration Utility login screen is then displayed: 

8. Choose your login option either as Admin or User.

9. If logging in as 'Admin' please enter the password: 456

10. If logging in as 'User' please enter the password: 123

11. Click the Submit button.  

12. The Web Configuration Utility Home screen is displayed.

13. Go to the 'Simple Setup' menu option at the top of the screen

14. Go to the SIP Server field and enter ''

15. In the Port field enter either - 5060 or 5065

16. Go to the SIP Outbound Proxy field and enter '' 

17. In the Port field enter either - 5060 or 5065

18. Go to the SIP Line Identification field and enter: 

The Display name - i.e. persons name or company name

Line address - enter the VoIP phone number 

Authentication User ID - enter the 6 digit VoIP extension line - please click here to see where to find your VoIP extension number.

Authentication Password - enter your secret number which is your password - please click here to see where to find this information. 

Label - enter the extension number.


19. Click on 'Save' 

For further information please contact Polycom Support on +44 (0)1753 723000.