Transferring Calls:

  1. When you receive an incoming call on a cordless DECT phone – answer the call and then put the call on hold by pressing the EXT call option (you will see EXT call on the bottom left corner of the LCD screen.
  2. Dial the extension number and press the green phone button.  Please note you must have an extension number set up for the phone you are wanting to transfer to.
  3. Talk to the person you want to transfer the call to so they know you are about to transfer a call.
  4. Press Options Shown on the LCD screen 
  5. Select Call Transfer.
  6. Press OK - and the call will be transferred over to your colleague.

If you are unable to complete the transfer for instance if the person is busy or does not pick up the call just press the 'End' button (underneath the LCD screen) to take you back to the caller. 

Please note: that you can only transfer calls and divert calls to specific people if you have set up extension numbers for each line.

How to Transfer Calls via Dect Handset Names: 

If all Dect phone handsets are connected up to the same Base Station then the easiest way to transfer the call is for you to click on the ‘INT’ button which you will see on the left hand-side of the silver square button in the centre of the phone key pad as shown below: 

Select the phone name you wish to transfer to from the list of handset names to select that phone.  To connect the caller to your colleague click on ‘conference’ or 'Transfer' to transfer the caller over and then hang up.  

Please note - these instructions will not work if you are using a combination of cordless Dect and corded Desk phones.  Instead you will need to follow the instructions above.

How Put a Call on Hold 

1. When you receive an incoming call – answer the call and then put the caller on hold by pressing the EXT call option (you will see EXT call on the bottom of the LCD display screen).

This puts the call on hold.

2. Press the EXT (or End key) as it may be displayed to release the call from hold.   You will then be re-connected to your caller.


Please note: If using a Gigaset C430H phone then to place a call on hold please press the zero (0) key which you will see has an ‘R’ also displayed on this key – press this for a few seconds to put the caller on hold.

You will see on the phones LCD display that the call is on hold.

To take the call off hold please press the button under the LCD screen which will say ‘End’ (this should be the left hand button directly under the screen).

You will then be connected back to the caller.  For troubleshooting please click here


How to Retrieve a Call

If you have tried to transfer a call over to a colleague using your Gigaset Dect phone then to retrieve the caller back please press the End key - this will be the key underneath 'End' shown on the LCD screen of your phone.  

By pressing this you will then be speaking again with the initial person you tried to transfer.