If you have bought your Yealink handset from us the DHCP should automatically be enabled.  If you need to enable/disable the DHCP here are some instructions on how to do so.

For example, if your network does not use DHCP and you are on a Static IP address you may need to enable DHCP on your phone if the phone has not been configured to use a static IP address. 

Login to PBXware web administration interface

1.  Get your IP Address by pressing okay button on your handset

Image result for yealink ok button

2. Open a new browser window and enter the IP address in order to access the PBXware web administration login screen. Example: be sure to add in /#/login at the end of the ip address so it would read this will then bring you to the login screen

Image result for yealink ok button


3. Login to PBXware with your username  and password.  Click confirm button this will take you to your Yealink Admin interface.

4. Navigate to Network Tab

5. DHCP is enabled if the radial button is clicked against DHCP  - see example above.