From 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace the current Data Protection Act and changes the way in which businesses are allowed to store and use information relating to their contacts. 

It is good practice to regularly review your contacts and the information you hold, keeping information for too long increases the risk that information will be out of date and no longer accurate and increases the risk of this being used in error.

Contacts can be removed by tag group very quickly using bulk delete when contacts are viewed in 'List View'. 

If you wish to remove contacts over a certain period of time since you last had contact with them the way to do this is as follows:

1. Run an export of your contacts database (this just pulls out a copy of your contacts into Excel) and in the Excel file you will see a column heading called 'ICLastUpdated' .

2. Sort your contacts in Excel by the ICLastUpdated column, sorting by Oldest to Newest, this will then sort your contacts in Excel by oldest last updated first.

3. We would strongly advise that you remove most of the column headings in Excel but keep the following columns:

    ICUniqueID (this is a unique identifier that links the contact back to their CRM record in your database)

    First Name

    Last Name


    Categories (this is where you add the tag information)


4. Remove any tags already under the column heading 'Categories'

5. Then you can apply a new tag in the column called 'Categories' which could be 'remove-contact' to those contacts that were last updated more than 2 years ago. 

6. The next step would be to re-import your contacts into your CRM account - to do this you must keep the column heading 'ICUniqueID' and the column heading 'Categories' as this maps your contacts back into their correct records inside your database - all it will do is update the contacts with the new tag you have added.

7. Once the contacts have been re-imported back into your account you can then search on this new tag group, view the tag group in List View and then bulk delete the contacts.

Please note: Only Key Account Holders and users with specific permission can export and delete contacts. 

For assistance or any questions please contact our Support Helpdesk.