1. How to edit an existing pop up internal email template?

Please click here to watch a short video or alternatively follow the step by step instructions below: 

1. Open up the email template you wish to edit. 

2. Un-check the MailMerge box (as shown below) this will allow you to then edit your email campaign and save any changes - via the Manage Templates link. 

3. Save any changes you make using the Manage Templates link where you will see the Save option.

Please note: to see those changes you have made you will need to come out of the template list and click back onto the template again. Then you will be able to see the changes you have made. 

2. Why does my signature not insert into the mail merge on the email template?

This is probably due to your signature template being saved as a different name other than 'SIGNATURE' if using a generic signature template - used by everyone or not having your own customised signature saved in lowercase as 'signature', for instance if you have used an upper case 'S' such as 'Signature' then the merge will not work successfully. 

To help you see how you should save your email signature template please click here to watch a short video. 

3. Can I have more than 1 signature set up? 

The Signature merge field will look for an email signature template to use in the following order:  

1. A users customised (individual) signature template. 

If no such customised (individual) signature template has been set up by the CRM user then it will look for:

2. A generic signature template (used by everyone) which contains just generic info such as ‘Company Name’ and main telephone/email address.

If no generic signature template has been set up then the {{SIGNATURE}} merge field will be blank when the MailMerge box is checked.

Although the system will only use one signature - (such as the users customised signature (if set up) and if not then the 'generic signature' (if set up) (in which case if neither are set up the email will have no signature merged into the template.

When the signature merge field has been inserted - when the MailMerge box is checked this will merge in your signature template into the email - as shown below: 


If a user has not set up their own customised email signature - as shown in the example above then we would recommend as a back up that a generic signature is set up - this means that if the {{SIGNATURE}} merge field has been inserted into an email template - then if a users customised signature is not set up the 'back up' generic signature would automatically be applied to the email template. 

Please click here to watch a short video to explain the above. 


However you can create email templates and manually add a different signature to the bottom of each template (this is not part of the signature merge field) so that as standard the signature is displayed. 


This would allow you to create several different templates each with a different signature on the email template.

4. How to change my senders email address? 

I want to change my From:address inside the internal pop up and use one of my other email addresses instead to send out a pop email how do I do this?

1. Go into your own contact record and ensure that you have the other email address(es) added to your contact record profile.  If you do not then click on edit and add in the email address(es) and then click update button to save.

2. Next you need to set up the email address default to the one you now want to use as the From:

3. To change the email default simply click on the radial button next to the email address you now wish to be the default - see screen-shot below:

4. Now when you click on a contact and select and internal pop email you will see that the From: email address has now changed to your new default one.  


5. Please remember: to change the default back to its original one if that is the one you use most otherwise any future emails will be sent automatically from the new default From: email address you have just set up.

5. How do I delete an email template? 

1. Select the email template you no longer need.   

2. Please make sure that you un-tick the MailMerge box as shown below:

3. Once un-ticked this this will then display the Manage Templates link will be shown as below:

4. If you click on this Manage Templates link you will see that you can Delete the template by clicking on the Delete button as shown below: 

6. Can I insert a merge field into the subject line?

Yes merge fields can be inserted into a subject line to help you personalise your subject line better to the persons name or business name. 

To insert a merge field into the subject line of your email you need to do the following: 

1. Put your cursor in the main part of the email where you would type

2. Click on the Insert button

3. Select the Merge field you want to add to your subject line - for example Business Name

4. The merge field will then be inserted into your text as shown below: 

5. Highlight this text with your mouse and right click to select 'Copy' or 'Cut' as shown below: 

6. Now put your cursor in the subject line where you want to insert the merge field and right click with your mouse to select 'Paste'.

7. Your merge field will be inserted as shown below: 

8. Please remember to remove the merge field that you inserted into the body of your email template as this is now in the subject line. 

9. If you click on the MailMerge checkbox you will see it pulls in the contacts business name into the subject line as shown below: 

10. Uncheck the MailMerge box to click on the 'Manage Templates' link if you wish to save the merge field in the subject line. 

11. Click on the Send button to send your email to your contact. 

7. I cannot see how to save an email template inside the pop up email window

Please make sure that you uncheck the MailMerge box inside the email pop up window as shown below:

Once this is unchecked you will then see the Manage Templates link which will allow you to Save, Delete or Create a New email template. 




8. Can I cc or bcc another email address into my email using the pop up email service?

Unfortunately it is not possible to cc or bcc another email address on the internal pop up email templates as this service is designed to send just one email at a time via a contacts record.  


As we are not an email client like Outlook for instance where you can cc or bcc in another email address to send your email out to multiple recipients. 


If you wish to send your email over our e-Marketing platform to more than one email address then you can send emails in bulk to multiple email addresses.  Please click here to find out more about using the e-Marketing service. 

9. Why has an email I sent out been sent from support@ instead of my own email address?

Emails are sent from support@crmdomain.com instead of my own email address - why? 

This could be due to the following reasons: 


1. If you have not having entered a subject line - the email has then defaulted back to be sent from support@ instead of your own email address. 

Please make sure you have added in a subject line into your email before it is sent as shown below: 


2. This could also be as a result of you not having your own email address associated with your CRM user profile.   

To resolve this please do the following: 

 1. To add your email address to your user profile just type in your name into the contacts search box as shown below: 

2. Next, make sure you have entered your own email address for your contact record and marked the email address as your 'preferred' default email. 


3. To do this open up your contact record and click on 'Edit' as shown below: 


4. Next make sure you have entered your email address as shown below: 

5. Next make sure you have set up the email address as your 'preferred' email by selecting the radial button as shown below in red:

6. Click on Update to save

7. Your email address will now be correctly associated with your CRM user profile.  

8. When you send out emails next using the internal pop up email service it will have your own email address in the 'From:' field as shown below: 

10. Why has my email come from e-Marketing on behalf of?

This simply means we need to authenticate your senders email address. 

This will remove the on behalf of your name’ from the senders name and instead the email will come directly from your email address which looks more professional. 


To get this process underway we need to send you an email from SparkPost - which you will need to inform us to do by contacting our Support Desk.


When you receive the email from SparkPost it will have the subject line of 'Please verify your sending domain' please forward this SparkPost email directly to our Support Desk so that we can authenticate your email address domain.  


Please do not click on the activation link contained in this email as we must do this for you to authenticate your senders email address. 


Once your email address has been authenticated you will receive confirmation of this so that you can start using the internal pop up email service to send emails out to your contacts. 

11.  What happens if I send out an email via the internal pop up email service from an email address that has not been authenticated? Can the recipient reply?

If you send out an email to a contact using either the internal pop up email or the e-Marketing service from an email address that has not been authenticated the recipient will still receive the email from you. 


The email will be sent out from you but it will have in the From: field the following: 


emarketing@crmdomain.com; on behalf of; your name <yourname@yourdomain.co.uk>


If the recipient was to reply to the email it would still go to your email address where you would see the reply in your inbox. 


By authenticating your email address we simply remove the text ‘on behalf of…’ so instead the ‘From:’ field would display ‘yourname@yourdomain.co.uk' this also helps improve the deliverability of your email. 

12. How the spell checker works inside the internal pop up email service

When typing your email any spelling errors will be shown with a red underline as shown below: 

Just right click with your mouse to show the correct spelling options for that word:

Select the correct spelling to replace the incorrectly spelt word. 

13. How to copy over an e-Marketing template into the internal pop up email service?

This can be done from the e-Marketing section where you can copy the source code of one email campaign and paste into a new template.

This same method can be used to copy a campaign from the e-Marketing section and create a new template inside the internal pop up email service. 

Please find step by step instructions below:  

1. Find email inside e-Marketing you want to copy over to the pop up email template as shown below: 



2. Open up the e-Marketing email template.


3. Go to the Source Code icon – shown in the top right-hand corner as shown below in red: 



4. With your mouse highlight all the code in the Source Code box – drag the highlight right down to the bottom so all code is selected:


5. Right click with your mouse and select ‘Copy’ as shown below: 




6. Or select Ctrl + C to copy on your keyboard.

Paste Source Code into an Internal Pop Up Email Template:


1. Next go to the Contacts section – open up a contact’s record 


2. Click on the Envelop icon of the persons email address as shown below in red: 



3. Inside the Pop up Email Window which is a ‘blank template’ click on the Source Code icon as shown below in red: 



4. In the Source Code window – use the right mouse click to ‘Paste’ in your source code as shown below:  


5. Click OK.


Your email template will then be populated. 


Please note if you have used a First Name merge field that has copied over from the e-Marketing section this will need to be changed as the First Name merge field is different inside the internal pop up email service - please click here to see how to insert a First Name merge field. 

Do not forget to add your subject line to this email


Click on the ‘Manage Templates’ link to save the email template.