To do this you will need to login to the web interface for each phone.  Do this by getting the IP address from each of the phones – you can find the IP address by pressing ‘Menu’ – Status – this the displays the IPv4 address. 


Please then follow the steps below: 


1. Enter the IP address into a Google browser and this will take you to the login page for the Yealink web interface.  If not enter after the IP address the following text: 



2. For the username enter 'admin' 


3. For the password enter 'admin'   Please note that for some Yealink phones the last 6 digits of the Mac address (found on the bottom of the phone) is needed for the password.


4. Once logged in go to Settings. 


5. The click on ‘Ring’ - please see the screenshot below: 


6. For ‘Internal Ringer 1’ enter ‘Internal’ into the text field (as shown above)


7. From the ‘File’ dropdown select a different ring tone


8. Click on Confirm at the bottom of the page to save 


9. Click Logout (at the top right corner). 


10. You may need to reboot your phone for these changes to take effect.