How to change or customise your data export template and pull out specific columns only

Customising your data export template 


When you export out any of your data from your CRM account you will as standard pull out all of the data fields which include all of your contacts contact information as well as the custom field information and notes.  


However, if you wish to set up a template to export out specific columns instead then we can get this set up for you - please find further information about this below: 


1. Customise the data export template - used by all CRM users  


We can set up a customised data export template for you and your team to use, so that when a data export is run the spreadsheet is reduced down to specific column headings only. 


For example, when any of the CRM users that have access to the Export button click on 'Export' as shown below in red.  The data will be exported out with just the specific column headings that you have asked us to set up for you. 

Please see the example below which shows an example of a data export template where the column headings have been reduced to show only the specified headings and not all headings:

Please let us know by email to what information is important to you, such as which contact information and custom fields you want to see and those you do not so that we can set up your customised data export template.  

2. Customise an individual users data export template

In addition to the above, there is also an option to set up a data export template which is customised specifically to a user so that they can have either limited access to the data that is exported out or see more specific information such as data about new leads etc. 

Please see an example below which gives a user the basic details such as Name and Company name in a data export template: 

Alternatively, we can set up the data export to pull out more specific information such as data about new leads etc. 

 This is ideal for Sales teams where they have set up their own custom field headings etc. and want to simply pull out this information to view instead of seeing the full data export. 

Please see the example above which shows an example export template set up whereby the user can see column headings that are relevant to them such as contact details, the tag 'new-lead' and custom field information to track enquiry dates, how the new-lead heard about their company and budgets available.    

If this is of interest to you, please let us know what the user requires to see on the export file so that we can set this up. 


Please note: that any customisation set up will still include the ICUniqueid column which is at the start of your spreadsheet as this contains an ID number for each of your contacts that is linked back to each of the records inside the CRM database. 


Please contact us at if you would like to find out more.

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