Create a Survey Form and Auto Feed Completed Forms back into your CRM Account

Send out Surveys from your CRM account


Learn more about what your customers, clients and candidates etc think about your products or services by using auto tracking survey forms which collect information and save this directly inside contacts records, allowing you to capture and analyse the results inside your CRM account. 

We can seamlessly enable you to:


Option 1:


1. Send out the survey form via a Survey Form button trigger inside your CRM

2. We will build the form for you using your 

  • Branding i.e. company logo
  • Choose what questions you want to ask
  • Choose format layout i.e. radial buttons, slider ratings, feedback boxes and more


3. When the recipient clicks on a link to access the survey form and then completes it they simply click the Submit button to send it back into your CRM account.


4. The form will automatically associate to their contact record inside your CRM account.  If they are a new contact and you have not set up a contact record in your CRM account , then we will automatically create a new contact with all their details and answers for you.  

5. When the recipient completes the form, the information automatically feeds back into their contact record.  We can auto feed the form results into the Custom Field section – as shown in the example below:

6. Or straight into the History section we can collect all answers together – see below:

It comes in as an Email called Client Feedback (or whatever you want it to be listed as i.e. Customer Survey etc)

Here it pulls in all of the answers from the form in a list format as shown below: 

Option 2


1. Instead of creating a Survey Form trigger button we simply provide the URL link to the form and paste this into an email template for you that has your branding i.e. logo, custom signature etc.  We will liaise with you to set up the email template.


2. When the email is sent out to a client either by a tag trigger i.e. survey-send tag, which can be applied to a contact that will send the email or if you just want to send the email as and when you wish to recipients we can set it for bulk email or as an internal email for you to access. 


 3. When the recipient of the email clicks onto the survey URL link, it will take them to the survey form to complete and then when they click submit it will send the email back into your CRM account and associate it to the contact record – see the example below:

4. In both option 1 & 2 you can also analyse the survey results with a button set up in your account that will take you to the report statistics as shown below: 

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