Capture key client information on the go using forms

Capture key client information on the go: 


We can build customised forms for your business which allow you and your team to access forms via your CRM account not only from a PC but also on a mobile or tablet. 


Forms can be completed while out and about and even if there is no wifi or broadband available as they work offline. 


This allows you and your team to record data quickly using your form without any need for paperwork.  This is ideal for sales people and engineers who are out and about and need to work quickly.   


When the mobile or tablet device is next back online all the form data will automatically be updated and will then via an email notification this will automatically feed this information back to your CRM account where is till be captured directly into a contact's record.  


Advanced Form Fields:

  • GPS location capture
  • QR code and barcode scanner
  • Voice recorder
  • E-signature capture
  • File upload – insert documents, including Word, PDF and images etc
  • Take photos
  • Collect payments - link to PayPal, Stripe etc. 

Kiosk Mode: 


This locks the screen either with or without an actual screen lock password being used so that if you are using a mobile/tablet you can ask multiple people to complete the form without them being able to access any other part of your phone/tablet.

This could be useful for a survey form where in kiosk mode users can give their feedback directly, this can benefit a wide range of businesses such as:


  • Retailers who can ask their customers to complete a short survey via a mobile or tablet
  • Engineers who are out and about and can complete a quick assessment form etc.
  • Events find out what customers/prospects think of products/services




Using the e-signature feature you can insert this into the form where the user can then sign their signature on-screen, this can then be recorded directly inside the contact's history as shown in the example below: 

View Form Data and Analytics 


All form data is stored and can be integrated into your CRM account where via a button you can view graphical reports such as pie and bar charts and also link to Excel where form data can then be further analysed.  


To find out more please contact our Support Helpdesk. 

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