To do a firmware upgrade on your Gigaset Dect phone and base unit please find the VoIP IP address please follow the guidance below: 

1. Access Settings on your phones handset by selecting the central button on your handset as shown below and selecting the Settings icon which is shown as a Spanner.




2. Scroll down to select the 'System' menu option. 


3. Select 'Local Network’

4. You should then see IP address which will be something like 

5. Enter this IP address into a web browser and you will see a screen as shown below:

6. Enter the PIN which is 0000 (4 Zeros).

7. Once logged in, go to the Status tab and note the firmware version.

8. To update to the latest firmware go to Settings > Management > Firmware Update.

9. Click Update firmware

10. After about 30 seconds you will be prompted to confirm, press OK.

Please note, once the base is updating it will go offline and you will not be able to make or receive calls through it, the process takes around 5 minutes to complete.

11. Once finished please click Log off to exit the Base Unit Settings.

Please note: that by updating the firmware on your phone you may lose any configuration settings that have already been set up on your phone such as hunt group configurations/ring tones etc which may need to be re-applied.