This may be because you do not have your correct VoIP extension number set up inside your Click2Call settings - you may have another extension line set up that you are no longer using with your phone. 

Please check the following:

1. Go into your Phone icon which you will see along the menu bar of your CRM account: 

2. Click on the Line Summary icon 

3. Select your VoIP line you wish to make out bound calls from by clicking on the Configure button next to the line

4. This will take you into your Configuration window for your VoIP line.  

5. Here you will see your Extension number, please make a note of this.

6. Close out of this window

7. Go to the Settings icon along the menu bar:

8. You are taken to the Your Settings tab where you will see a field called VoIP Click2Call as shown below in red: 

9. Enter your VoIP extension line in this field 

10. Click on Update Settings to save

11. Now when you click on a phone or mobile number on a contacts business card your VoIP phone will start ringing.

12. Press the green ringing handset icon to connect to the call.

If the above has not resolved the issue please contact our Support Helpdesk for assistance.