To set up the mobile number or company name you want the SMS to show it has come from and the number to reply to (same number) you will need to do the following:


1.  Go into your CRM account and click on the Settings icon along the top menu bar - see example below: 

2. Next click on Global Settings (2nd tab along) as shown below: 

3. Click on SMS Origination field and enter the mobile number you want the text message to reply to.  Please enter the 
number without any spaces.  


If using a company name please enter the name (please note you only have 11 characters available which includes spaces). 

4.  Click update Settings to save.  Now you are ready to send out your SMS message(s).

If you would like to further customise your SMS Origination settings to enable each user to send out SMS from a different 

name/number or department please click here.