The reTag option allows you to apply a tag to contacts from within the e-Marketing Report feature, this is ideal for identifying contacts that may have opened or clicked on your email campaign with a tag such as 'opened-email' etc. 

The reTag option can also be used for identifying those contacts who may have unsubscribed or where the email may have failed or bounced.  

1. Go into your email campaign report by clicking on the Marketing icon and then the report icon as shown below:

Click on the Report icon as shown below: 

2. Select from 'OPENED', 'CLICKED' or 'FAILED' etc to view a list of the recipients in this category - here you will see an option to reTAG option as shown below:

3.  A pop up window will appear for you to enter you new tag.  See example below:

4. Once you have entered you new tag click the OK button.  

Please note: you can add more than 1 new tag - to do this separate the tags with a comma (,) but no space i.e. opened mar15,nail promotion -( this will then set up 2 tags against these contacts inside your CRM account with these email addresses). 

5. Click to confirm by selecting OK button as shown below: 

6. Now the tag has been created.  Go into contacts and search in the tag search to find your new tag.

7. Click on the Tag Search button as shown below in red:

8. A pop up window will appear to show the new tag you have created.

9. Click on the tag an it will open up list of those contacts with the new tag applied.